How to Repurpose Content and Supercharge Your Content Marketing Efforts

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You just hit publish on another killer piece of content. You’re really proud of your work and know that your audience will really connect with it — but you’re also exhausted. Creating amazing marketing materials is hard work! Is there a way to create quality content at scale? In fact, there is and it’s called content repurposing.

Keep reading to learn what content repurposing is, why it’s beneficial, and five easy ways to repurpose content for your company.

What is Content Repurposing?

If you’re not familiar with the term, content repurposing is the act of breathing new life into old blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other marketing materials. It’s a proven concept that will help your company crank out more quality content faster and reach more of its target audience.

Think about it: if a blog post, for example, has performed exceedingly well on your organization’s website, wouldn’t you want to squeeze every last drop of marketing juice out of it? For most of us, the answer is a resounding yes!

That’s what content repurposing allows you to do. By turning a series of blog posts into an ebook or a full-length video into a GIF (we’ll talk about both of these strategies in a later section of this article), you can supercharge your content marketing efforts.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

So how exactly will repurposing content help you and your company? We’re glad you asked! When you repurpose content, you’ll experience three distinct benefits. They are:

1. Greater Reach

Not everyone in your target audience likes to consume content the same way. Some folks may prefer reading blog posts while others would rather watch a video or view an infographic. By repurposing your content, you’ll be able to connect with more of your audience in the ways that they prefer, thus extending your brand’s reach as far as possible.

2. Less Effort

Let’s be honest, creating amazing content is hard. It takes a lot of effort to constantly write, record, or design new marketing materials that meet quality standards. Content repurposing will allow you to create faster because much of the hard work has already been accomplished. It’s a lot easier to create an infographic, for instance, if you’ve already researched the stats you need for a previously published video.

3. Boost SEO

Lastly, you can give your SEO efforts a serious boost when you repurpose content. This is because you’ll have more opportunities to target specific keywords. You’ll also get plenty of chances to build links using this strategy.

Which Pieces of Content Should Be Repurposed?

Before you get crazy and start repurposing every single blog post, video, and podcast your company has ever created, know that only some pieces of content deserve to be repurposed. Make sure that any marketing asset has these two qualities before you repurpose it:


Evergreen content is any piece of content that stands the test of time, i.e. is based on tried and true fundamentals and won’t become outdated within the next few months. You could, for example, repurpose a blog post on inbound marketing because it’s a viable marketing strategy that will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. You would not, however, want to waste your time repurposing a video on the first Google Panda update because the information would be useless in 2019.


You also want to only repurpose your most popular and best performing marketing materials. Since these pieces did well in the past, they have the best chance of connecting with your target audience again in the future. So take a look at your site’s analytics and choose to repurpose a few pieces of popular content.

5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Content

Ready to repurpose your best pieces of content and supercharge your content marketing efforts? Here are five easy ideas to get you started:

1. Syndicate Your Blog Posts

If you, a team member, or a freelance contributor already blog for your company on a regular basis, then this content repurposing technique will likely be the easiest one for you to implement! All you have to do is take your most popular posts and publish them on LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, etc.

If you really want to take blog syndication seriously, you can also approach other websites and ask if they’d be willing to post your article as well. Just make sure they do so with a “rel=canonical” or “NoIndex” tag or you might run into some SEO issues.

We should also mention that this tactic can be used for other content types, not just blog posts. For example, the videos you post to YouTube can also be uploaded to Facebook. And the memes you publish on Instagram might just work on LinkedIn as well.

2. Turn Statistics Into Infographics

Do you have any content pieces that contain in-depth stats and research? These are perfect candidates for repurposing! Just take the information and use it to craft an infographic, which studies show are 30 times more likely to be read than plain text articles.

Everybody loves a good infographic because they deliver important information extremely quickly. They’re also fun to look at when properly designed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional graphic artist to succeed with this strategy. There are plenty of services that offer stunning infographic templates for you to use. Some of our favorites are Canva, Venngage, and Visme.

FYI, you can easily combine this tactic and the one above. Once your infographic has been created and published on your own site, distribute it to other places on the net as well including your company’s social media pages and other websites in your industry.

3. Create GIFs Out of Full Videos

Just about every Hollywood blockbuster has one thing in common: they were all promoted with an exciting trailer. Why? Because trailers give audiences a taste of the full movie and give them a reason to go see the rest of the film.

You can use this same strategy and repurpose your video content in smaller, bite-sized pieces. These clips and GIFs can then be published on your company’s various social media channels. You can even include a link to the full video in each clip if you want.

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing medium. But most companies don’t have the internal resources or endless budget to create new videos on a regular basis. That’s why you should repurpose your video content and get the most out of the videos you already have in your media library. Makes perfect sense, right?

4. Combine Multiple Blog Posts Into an Ebook

We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that your company has a blog. If that’s true, then you and your team have probably written posts on similar topics in the past — posts that could, theoretically, be combined together to create a single “Ultimate Guide” of sorts.

For example, maybe your company has a post on “The Best Hotels in Nashville,” another entitled “The 10 Things You Must Do on Your Next Trip to Nashville,” and a third on the topic of “Why Fall is the Perfect Time of Year to Travel to Nashville”.

You could edit these three blog posts together into an ebook and name is something like, “The Complete Travel Guide to Nashville”. Then you could promote the ebook as an entirely new piece of content and distribute it to your target audience. Or make it a free download in exchange for contact information and use it to grow your company’s email list.

5. Turn Your Videos Into Podcasts

Lastly, you could take your company’s most popular videos, strip the visuals away so that you’re left with just an audio track, and publish said track as a podcast.

If you haven’t noticed, podcasting has become an incredibly popular content type. Folks enjoy them because they can consume the content they want to while doing other activities such as driving to work or cooking dinner. In our fast paced society, the thought of saving time and doing two things at once is nearly irresistible.

And since you already have the audio from your previously recorded video, creating a podcast will be a piece of cake for you!

Win With Repurposed Content

Content repurposing is the key to quality content at scale. We hope that the five ideas we shared with you in this article have have gotten your creative juices flowing! But just know that there are plenty of other ways to repurpose content as well. Good luck!

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