Why Now Is The Right Time To Outsource Your Photo & Video Management


When is the right time to outsource your photo and video management? If one of the following scenarios sound familiar, you and your communications team may want to consider outsourcing the management of your brand media assets (High resolution photos, high definition videos, logos, PDF’s, power point presentations, etc.)

  1. “My IT Director has told me that our servers are at capacity with my high resolution photos and HD videos. I need to clean it up and organize it.”
  1. “I’ve looked here and there and I still can’t find the final photo for the ad. Is it on that hard drive, that computer or in that folder?”
  1. “Trying to use my share drive for delivering files is a nightmare and email is out of the question.”
  1. “I seem to spend all day formatting the same logo and photo for different uses?”

It’s important to have a solid strategy in place to set an organizational structure for your brand media, before it becomes a nightmare. Outsourcing to an established service specifically designed with features that help you in organizing and controlling brand media assets is not only a good idea, it makes smart business sense. It saves your marketing & communications team hours each week and allows them turn over files much faster.

Many organizations waste 30% or more of their time searching for the right files in the necessary formats. It adds up to a huge expense in salaried time as well as time that your team is not spending being creative. Improving productivity in managing brand assets is such a simple fix, and is one that not enough businesses are taking advantage of.

When you have a large library of files, delivery of assets through shared drives as a means of proactively communicating with internal and external networks can be clunky at best. Internal shared drives are mainly designed for internal use and do not typically have all of the search and organization capabilities of an outsourced service. Emailing large files does not work efficiently and using freemium services is also a drain on your time in continually uploading and removing files.

There are several services in the marketplace with a wide range of price points. Some services are designed as internal tools for collaboration for designers but lack simplicity for communications teams and finished files. If the service you are considering comes with a “team” of support staff, run for the door! Those are key words for complicated and expensive. Support is important but the service should have a streamlined and simple workflow.

The service you choose should be fast to set up and designed to get to work for your team right away. Here at CleanPix, we believe in giving you complete control over your assets and that’s why we give you agile tools that allow you to shift direction on a moment’s notice. Here’s the best part though: our service is priced competitively to ensure a healthy bottom-line return on your investment.

Take CleanPix for a 14-day test drive to find out how efficient it can be to outsource your photo and video management.

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