A Lesson In Breaking The Rules Of Advertising

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 9.15.20 AM

Target has always been heavily involved in the music industry by partnering with artists to release expanded versions of their albums exclusive to Target locations. But last night during the Grammy Awards, Target took their love of music to the next level by partnering with Gwen Stefani to broadcast a live music video for Gwen Stefani’s new single, Make Me Like You.

The video played out like a 4-minute target commercial, with elaborate sets and costume design that were largely branded to Target’s signature style. The team behind this video pulled out all the stops to create conversation online, including a cleverly-planned fall that turned out to just be a stunt double. The music video was a brilliant way to bridge the gap between traditional media and digital media, by using television in real-time to generate online conversation. Twitter lit up with comments during the video as Gwen Stefani became one of the top trending topics.

As marketers, it has become increasingly difficult to find something “never done before” to promote brands and products. For the past few years, influencer marketing has been the safest bet, but last night’s stunt from Gwen Stefani and Target proves that taking huge risks can sometimes yield big results. The concept for last night’s campaign reminded our team of the clever marketing ploy from Royal Carribbean using Periscope to share their traveller experience in live time on digital billboards across the country.

As of this morning, Gwen’s new single has climbed to number 8 on the iTunes charts. A short while ago, the video has been to YouTube and Vevo. Watch here:


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