How To Avoid Making The Same Mistake As Tim Cook



After yesterday’s Superbowl, Tim Cook made one of the biggest possible blunders on his social media. The Apple CEO attended the big game last night and captured a few moments with his iPhone that he posted to Twitter.

After sharing the above blurry photo, Twitter users pounced on Tim Cook, wondering how he would showcase his company’s flagship product, the iPhone, in such a poor light.

So here’s the main lesson from Cook’s blunder that you can apply to your digital marketing initiatives immediately: details matter. There’s a fine line to balance between authenticity, spontaneity and protecting your brand.

One way to protect your social media from experiencing a repeat of Apple’s situation is to create a checklist of brand criteria that each image, tweet or post follow. In today’s digital climate, both consumers and trolls on the internet are eager to pounce on your mistakes. Don’t give them the pleasure of dragging your brand through the mud.

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