Shifting Your Marketing To Target Generation Z


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Just when you thought you had started to figure out how to market to millennials, along comes an entire new generation of savvy young consumers to completely change the way we communicate with your audience. Generation Z is that group and they amount for roughly a quarter of the American population.

While the oldest of the Gen Z group are just now reaching their twenties, it’s safe to say that this segment will be the trickiest yet to market to. They’re socially progressive, environmentally responsible, and the most diverse of all generations. They are highly intelligent and expect authenticity from brands and corporations.


Instagram is essential to reaching Gen Z consumers.

Many marketers are having difficulty creating connections with this complex generation, but here’s what we know: Gen Z is over-connected to the world and are hyper-aware of current events and pop culture. Not only are they aware of it, they are playing a strong hand in shaping it. To really capture the attention of Gen Z, media campaigns must reach across several social networks and platforms.


High-end brands like Burberry have been incredibly successful on Snapchat.

So how do you ensure that you’re reaching this group as a part of your marketing strategy? The key to success is in telling a compelling brand story and showing Gen Z how you’re changing the world for the better. Generation Z customers will always gravitate towards brands that are transparent and socially conscious. Because of this generation’s fluency with digital tools, they have learned to express themselves in incredibly creative ways and they expect brands and companies to do the same.

Company values play a greater role than ever. What were once policies and corporate values only shared with internal employees and stakeholders are now painted on the front door for all to see. If you’re able to make your brand matter to a generation z consumer, you’ll have made a sale.

This is a generation of multitasking individuals who get their news and information from multiple sources. In communicating your story, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the essential platforms. Gen Z has a strong preference for engaging visual content and they prefer that content to be short and concise (while consuming it incognito). So as millennials step aside and a new wave of complex young adults take over, how will you ensure that your strategy is resonates with this new generation?




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