How One Cruise Line Used Periscope To Create A Splash

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.43.52 PM

Periscope represents one of the greatest new opportunities for resorts and travel destinations to stand out on social media in a big way. In today’s culture, most people suffer from what is commonly referred to as FOMO (fear of missing out), and so many real-time platforms have emerged in the past year to ensure that this problem is solved.

Over 10 years of video is watched online every day. That’s a staggering amount of footage, when you think about it. While internet users are eager to consume new content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and tell a story that either hasn’t been told before or is engaging enough to capture the interest of your audience.

What makes Periscope so special is its Snapchat approach to video content. Video is streamed live, and is only available for online viewing for 24 hours, creating a sense of exclusivity among those who decide to tune into your video feed.

As a business, Periscope can be a brilliant way to gain new followers and market your destination in real-time through streaming video. Last year, Royal Caribbean let the public follow adventurous social media influencers on 13 live broadcasts as part of their “come seek” campaign. The broadcasts were shared on 76 billboards around New York City within minutes of being recorded.


For more broadcasts from Royal Caribbean on Periscope, visit them here.

Periscope definitions:
– Scope – A live broadcast
– Scoper – A person who scopes
– Hearts – These are like likes. A video can currently only receive a maximum of 500 likes per broadcast. 

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