Surviving And Thriving In A Turbulent Market


We’re officially a few weeks into 2016 and are off to a running start. Here at CleanPix, we’ve begin to work on several exciting initiatives to improve our service and grow upon our business strategy.

However, when it comes to reaching business goals, none of us are immune to a shift in the world’s economy. With the slide of world markets, the hospitality industry in North America has taken a large hit, with some large hoteliers seeing their stocks down 50 percent, according to Dennis Nessler of Hotel Interactive. So when the economy appears to have entered a slide, how do you ensure that your business not only survives, but also thrives in a turbulent market?

The knee-jerk response is always to slash your organization’s marketing budget, which in most cases is one of the last places that funds should be slashed from. To keep your vacancy rate low, this is the prefect time to invest in your own growth. Periods of low market activity are ideal for forging ahead with a solid and agile marketing strategy. Your key to success in difficult times will always be to consistently identify and seize opportunities more quickly than your competition.

In 2016, the best place to put your marketing dollars is towards a digital marketing and public relations strategy. Dump your one-way messaging in exchange for open conversation with the public. With the emergence of channels like Facebook and Twitter, this process has become much more simplified, giving brands and the public a two-way means of sharing commentary and ideas. By openly communicating with your customers, you’re not only building an unbreakable level of trust, you’re setting your organization up for success with an enthusiastically satisfied base of supporters.

This is also where a digital media management service comes into play. You’ll need to be able to react at the drop of a hat when photos, logos and other digital files are requested by media partners. You’ll also need a central place to host it all, access it from anywhere, and search through files efficiently. A service like CleanPix can save tourism and hospitality professionals 15 hours a week in responding to and managing media requests! Add that up over the course of a year, and those are some exceptional savings.

The bottom line of surviving any downturn is this: invest in your business’ growth, deliver world-class service and do it better than anybody else.

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