How To Be Number One On TripAdvisor


Is your organization’s New Year’s resolution to increase your ranking on TripAdvisor? In the hospitality industry, there is no ranking more important than the one on your TripAdvisor page, however many properties neglect to pay close attention to what is happening on their page and their ranking slowly fizzles.

A high TripAdvisor ranking does two things for your property: It helps keep your property’s vacancy rate low and it also allows you to increase your booking price. Maximizing your TripAdvisor ranking is an essential component of your business strategy and marketing plan. Today, more than ever, word-of-mouth marketing is the true test of an organization’s strength, and in this industry, TripAdvisor is the gold standard of organic reach.

Your ranking is made up of a combination of things: the average ranking of your reviews, how recent the reviews are, and the total number of reviews you have received. We’ve calculated a list of our best tips on how to work within those parameters to increase your ranking and climb your way to the top:

  • Be proactive and ask your customers to review you. Hand out printed cards in person when you receive a glowing review from a visitor to encourage them to write about their experience.
  • Place a link to your TripAdvisor page in your email signature and on your website for customers to read previous reviews and write their own reviews.
  • Respond promptly to every review your receive – but especially the negative reviews. And do so within 24 hours.
  • TripAdvisor is very clear that offering incentives for reviews is against their rules and will be removed. Make sure you follow each of the TripAdvisor rules so that your account isn’t knocked back down.
  • Set up email alerts for TripAdvisor. This will ensure that you don’t miss any activity on your page and are able to respond quickly.
  • Cost per click campaigns can be set up to promote your profile once you’re happy with your standing. Find a step-by-step tutorial for getting set up on the TripAdvisor website.


After reading the tips above for boosting your TripAdvisor ranking, the bottom line is this: Create exceptional service offline to generate the best online results. There’s no way to fake a ranking, so focus on genuine hospitality. It’s all about a great customer experience, as it should be.

Placing a focus on TripAdvisor as part of your property’s marketing strategy will deliver one of the best returns on investment for your time.

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