Does Your Brand Need A Boost?


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This morning, on a chilly Winter day in Calgary, I went outside to start my vehicle only to find out that my battery was in need of a boost. You’ve no doubt been in this situation before and understand that it can make for a rather frantic start to your day. 😱

So, as one does, I waited an hour for a tow truck to arrive so my vehicle could receive a much-needed boost. It was an unforeseen expense and made me extremely (and embarrassingly) late for work. Perhaps if I would have been more diligent and had inspected my battery before the temperature dropped, I would have not been in this predicament.

So what does this have to do with branding, you might ask? Well, your brand is a lot like the battery in a vehicle, and a digital brand management service is the boost it needs to start running at the very moment you need it. Try to manage your brand logos, photos and videos without one, and you might just get stranded at a moment when you really need to respond quickly.

Being able to find and deliver your files in the right format at a moment’s notice is important. Here’s how CleanPix works: your assets are displayed in galleries for staff, press, the public to see. You choose who sees your files, based on the permission levels you set. A user will request access to specific files and you will be sent a notification asking you to approve or decline the request.

Once you approve the request, users will receive a unique link with access to the files you released. If you don’t approve the request, they don’t have access. It’s as simple and quick as that.

Being prepared for whatever comes your way is the key to your brand’s success. Take a 14-day trial account for a test drive and find out for yourself how it can be the jump-start your brand needs to respond quickly when the temperature suddenly drops on your organization. But take it from us: you won’t need a full 14-days to find out how CleanPix can boost your brand, because you’ll be up and running in anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours, depending on the size of your brand file library.

I learned my lesson today. Don’t wait for your brand to freeze over and learn that same lesson the hard way.


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