Graphic Design Trends For 2016 & Beyond – Part II

Our friends at Coastal Creative passed along this excellent infographic today, so we’re sharing it with you as a part II to our original article on graphic design trends in 2016. This is a great piece to print off and post on your office wall or in a communal space for your entire marketing team to see.

In both graphic design and in marketing, what we’re seeing is a continued foray into simple messaging that is very personal to the audience it is geared towards. The entire nature of the marketing industry is shifting quickly thanks to the rise in prominence of ad blockers and in the changing behaviour of  consumers, who are more intelligent than ever.

The next year will likely see native influencer marketing reach new heights, as marketers  look to create real engagement as opposed to reach. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube users may have been the key influencers sought after in 2015 (and will continue to be in the coming year), but users on Periscope and Snapchat will likely see increased influencer status as they promote real-time engagement of user-generated content.

Graphic design has to be equally as intelligent as the messaging it supports and speak to the product experience while creating a personal connection. It’s a fine line to balance, and one we’ll all aiming for as we strive for increased digital relevance in the coming year.

Take a look at Coastal Creative’s excellent design trends 2016 infographic here:


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