Why Your Pressroom Is Your Greatest Asset


Your digital pressroom is one of the most important components of your online presence, but most organizations seem to treat it as an afterthought. When building your online pressroom, there should be two main considerations made:

  1. Is it easy for the press to see what’s available so they can make informed decisions on what they request?
  2. Is this website simple for the media to navigate?

Your company spends a great deal of money getting your name in front of the press, so it’s vital to remove all unnecessary roadblocks in the way of getting your files in front of journalists. Media personnel live in a world defined by deadlines, and they’re often rushing to get a story out the door, so don’t make their job more difficult than it has to be with a confusing pressroom.

When you have a gallery of media you need to protect, you don’t need to ask them to register for an account and password before they can even see previews of your best photos. CleanPix is designed so that the media are able to see what you have available without them being able to download anything until after your approval. Just think, you can be confident with each request coming in that they are extremely interested in your content!

It’s important to start by making it easy for the media to find, for example: yourcompanywebsite.com/pressroom. It’s also a best practice to post your press release in both text and PDF formats. This is great for SEO and for the overall experience you’ll provide to users. Your pressroom should also include an abundance of rich media material for press use, including logos, product images and pre-created social media graphics. These should be available in both print and web versions. A benefit of using CleanPix comes in here, as the service automatically converts your image file into a number of different media types, including jpeg, tiff and png.

If available, upload any video or audio material to your pressroom. In today’s digital age, engaging content is a requirement in order to get noticed – so make sure that you press room is stacked with content, videos, photos, logos, audio, video, etc. that press can include in their story.

When your pressroom is complete, it’s also helpful if you keep a page of recent press coverage on your website. Writers and journalists like to ensure they are not writing the same story as another publication, so they will want to reference previously written articles about your organization.

Take a look at a few CleanPix created digital pressrooms for yourself to see the above tips in action.

Memphis Travel

Post Hotel

Explore Squamish

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