Controlled Autonomy


The most common issue that I hear about is the difficulty business professionals have in managing brand media assets (hi-res photos, logos, HD Videos, PDF’s and slide shares) from a central hub while supporting the needs of various departments and stakeholders. Most often, these people tell me they get by from working off a shared drive. This allows everyone to have access to all of the files but causes inherent problems. Your different departments or stakeholders may have unique brands, specific assets and work in a different time zone. The different departments / stakeholders access the files in the share drive but how do they deliver and control the use of the assets? They then resort to emailing assets or using freeware that lacks security. How can you give autonomy to specific brand media assets while maintaining control from one central hub?

CleanPix is specifically designed to support marketing and communications needs with a tool called “tiered administration,” allowing for autonomy by designated stakeholders or departments while maintaining a central hub of assets controlled by a primary administration team. Each tiered administrator can be allocated a specific set of assets. This tiered admin account created by the primary administrator from the central hub is essentially a mirrored CleanPix account to the parent but with specific brand assets. The primary administrator can set functionality within the tiered admin account. For instance, the primary administrator can allow the tiered account to access and modify metadata and upload assets. Private branding can be turned on for each account giving it its own unique brand identity.

The result is a more organized workflow controlled by the primary administrator. The risks of misuse of brand media by various stakeholders is reduced or eliminated. Wasted time by the primary administrator having to chase down the right files in the right format for a specific department or stakeholder is eliminated. The tiered administrator can respond to brand media requests faster in their own time frame knowing that the files they are using are the approved ones.

The goal of CleanPix is supporting your team to be more agile in their management and response to endusers with your brand media assets. Finding the path of least resistance to get this job done makes for more effective marketing.

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