We work our assets off so you don’t have to


Sometimes less is more and it’s better to be a master at few rather than average in all. That’s the philosophy we take to digital media management. Keeping things simple usually works best. There’s nothing worse than adopting a new system, only to find out it’s so confusing that getting your team on board is like giving a digital root canal.

While CleanPix offers several tools for managing your digital assets, the two main areas we really focus on heavily are metadata and public access controls. We’re going to talk ourselves up a little bit here (we’re kind of proud of what we do)…

From the moment the shutter goes off or your working file has been exported, your metadata has been captured. Descriptive metadata is like a product label. Better metadata means more effective searches and less time hunting for files. This saves your team hours each week in tracking down files and getting them out to the correct vendor.

While correctly tagged files are a vital component, so is the security of those files. We’ve found that balancing security with ease of use is a fine line and public access controls are an important consideration when reviewing tools and services for controlling your brand files.

All too often security is lacking in many services. It is far too easy for the wrong group of people to gain access to your brand files. But at the same time, it can be difficult with a secure system to release your files to the right audience without requiring some kind of digital security root canal to make it happen.

We believe in giving you complete control over your assets and that’s why we give you agile tools that allow you to shift direction on a moment’s notice. Here’s the best part though: our service is priced competitively to ensure a healthy bottom-line return on your investment. Don’t believe us? Check out what the other guys are charging. Crunch the numbers for yourself and prepare to be impressed with your ROI.

Take CleanPix for a 14-day test drive to experience the difference for yourself first-hand.

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