What Does Success Look Like For You?


I spend the morning talking to a group of intelligent and eager future marketers at Lethbridge College. While we like to think each generation of professionals is different from the previous, there is a common thread that runs through each of us. That thread is the desire to achieve success. What is different, however, is how each generation defines success.

For me, success has always meant thatĀ at the end of the day, I know that my talents and abilities were used in a way that impacted others. Some might call that cheesy, but that’s my true motivator.

I’ve been through the highs and lows of my career so far, and as an entrepreneur and content marketing specialist, I’ve learned how to build a brand in the modern sense and attract success in the traditional sense.

While there are several important lessons I’ve learned (thanks to some hard knocks), I’ve picked threeĀ to highlight and share:

  1. Always reinvent yourself. Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should too. By finding what makes you different and exploiting it, you establish yourself in your own category. Remain forward-thinking and always look for your next big opportunity. Know when it’s not working and when to switch course. A smart content curator will share content their audience wants, not just what they like.
  2. “Stick-With-It-Ness” is everything. You’re going to get knocked down more than once. This is the pointĀ of your power comes when you decide to push through and not let that failure define you. Failure is an invitation to excellence – treat it as a lesson.
  3. Never do it for the money. Money is a result of your work but should never be your sole reason for doing it. If you don’t find purpose in what you’re doing – save yourself years of stress and just get out now.

How does all of this boil back down to digital brand management, you might ask? Ensuring success starts with protecting the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. I initially came on board with CleanPix because I believe to strongly in how the serviceĀ benefits marketers. Your brand is your most valuable asset and should be treated as such.

However you define your brand and personalĀ success, make sure you’re protecting those milestones you achieve along the way.

Teigan Reamsbottom, Content Marketing Specialist, speaking to digital media students at Lethbridge College

Teigan Reamsbottom, Content Marketing Specialist, speaking to digital media students at Lethbridge College

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