Das Brand: Your Most Valuable Asset


In 2007 during my last year of high school, I purchased my very first car. It was a sleek yet sporty Volkswagen Passat. My father insisted I buy a Volkswagen because the company had a stellar reputation of producing quality vehicles that literally run for years with minimal repair. It was a wise investment on my part, I drove that vehicle right into the ground and seldom had any major mechanical problems.

Even before that experience, I have always been impressed with Volkswagen’s marketing and advertising. They have consistently stood apart from competitors and leveraged their reputation to grow the company outwards. In 2015, Volkswagen soared to new heights when it officially overtook Toyota in global vehicle sales.

It takes decades of hard work to create the brand status Volkswagen has achieved. Which is why I find it so shocking that VW risked their most valuable asset and left their entire brand and reputation in shambles when the current emissions scandal leaked. They may be able to recover from the financial distress, but the damage done to their brand over the past 48 hours is irreparable.

It’s lesson for all of us: Your brand is much more than just a logo – its a complete culture. You must to go to whatever lengths possible to protect your brand, because it truly is your most valuable asset. Secure your visual assets with a brand asset management service and protect your cultural assets with strict policies that enforce the integrity of your brand throughout your organization.

Your reputation is much more important than slick business decisions that may save a quick buck. When your words no longer carry any weight, your brand is virtually worthless.

Volkswagen may still have a legion of enthusiastic customers out there (I am one of them), but they have a long, difficult road ahead to repair the damage that has been done.

As a shameless plug to close on, give CleanPix a 14-day test run to secure your brand files. If we’ve all learned one lesson this week, it’s that you can never do enough to ensure the security of your brand.

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