Benefits of Brand Asset Management for Marketers


I’ve been working in the marketing and communications industry for years, both as an employee and an entrepreneur, and it isn’t often I discover a new tool or application that’s as useful as CleanPix. That’s actually why I joined the CleanPix team.

Here’s the thing: as a marketer, you have a million projects to balance at once. Having to locate and send brand files while keeping up with rights management requirements can be a hugely unproductive waste of your time. Utilizing a digital asset management service literally saves hours of valuable time each week. This is why I came on board to help share the CleanPix story with other business professionals.

So here’s how it works: Once you upload your brand asset’s into CleanPix, you’ll have rapid and agile control over your files. By making both the rights management process and delivery workflow simple, you’re able to interact with press and media at the drop of the hat, whether you’re at work or off the clock. Compared to other brand asset management systems, I found CleanPix to be the best service with a clean, simple and user-friendly interface.

It can be a full-time job just managing and sending out brand files and marketing materials to vendors, media and colleagues. CleanPix is able to help automate this process by granting access to key players via specific permissions, which can make the life of any marketer or public relations professional so much simpler.

My comments might seem biased, since I now work for CleanPix, but something in the article surely must have piqued your interest, so I encourage you to test out a 14-day trial of CleanPix to test the claims I’ve made above. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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