5 SEO Best Practices in 2015


When it comes to the search engine optimization of your website, there are a lot of grey areas. When you’re not a SEO expert, knowing where to put your time and resources can be a difficult task.

Traditional marketing has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Old school strategies are out – avoid social bookmarking, link directory submission, spinning articles, press releases with anchor text and automated link builders.

Instead focus on these trends, which are sure to “future-proof” your website and ensure the relevance and power of your marketing strategy for the long term:

1) Content. Google’s current search algorithms scan the internet for fresh content. This is why a blog and social content strategy is key for boosting your SEO. While content on its own is a great practice, content that people interact with will take your SEO to even further heights. Focus more on quality content rather than just keywords.

2) Social signals to search engines. Your social media presence plays a big part in your overall SEO standing. Great content is more important than ever – and when the content is of a higher quality, the social shares will be higher as well.

3) Mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are now a mandatory according to Google’s algorithms. And it makes sense, the majority of internet usage occurs on smartphones. In 2015, there are 50 billion local searches using mobile devices – make sure you’re found in those searches and a part of those conversations.

4) Conversations over keywords. Like we’ve mentioned above, the old school methods of growing your site’s SEO are no longer relevant. Quality content is the lifeblood of your organization’s SEO strategy. All of your written content should encourage conversation and engage your audience.

5) Link building. More so than just having your link posted on other webpages, strive to have your site linked through organic brand mentions. As we’ve mentioned above, content gets more of the focus than simply keywords and links, so try to think about the relevance and social popularity of the sites your own website is linked on.

Achieving your SEO goals really does start with having a fully-realized brand that is ready to easily be shared with media, external vendors and the public. Organize your brand assets and manage them easily by utilizing a brand asset management service like CleanPix. Take advantage of a free 14-day trial today, with no credit card or commitment required.

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