Digital Asset Security 101

File-SecurityBalancing security with ease of use is a fine line and rights management is an important consideration when reviewing tools and services for controlling your brand files.

All too often security is lacking in many applications. It is far too easy for the wrong group of people to gain access to your brand files. But at the same time, it can be difficult with a secure system to release your files to the right audience without requiring some kind of digital security root canal to make it happen.

We’ve taken all of this into careful consideration when fine-tuning the governance and permissions within CleanPix, providing an effective balance of security and functionality that you require out of any digital asset management system.

There are 2 main levels of permissions in CleanPix: “open” and “managed”.

For galleries you have shared with a public URL, the default permission is managed. This means your assets collection is immediately accessible for browsing, but downloading is restricted until the user submits through a moderation process and you approve the request.

As for assets that you collect within a gallery intended for direct access, the default permission is “open”, which means that they have secure access to your files without being restricted by a moderation process.

You can even layer additional modes of protection including access codes unique to each gallery and require users to agree to a terms of use page before they continue. Of course, you have full control over how you specifically set the security dial.

It’s easy to mix and match assets into different galleries with various levels of protection. It’s also easy to select a new group of assets on-the-fly and deliver access directly to a single or group of email addresses, without requiring you to modify settings on existing galleries. You can even select a protected gallery and send direct unencumbered access to a trusted email address, while keeping the existing protections in place for the public URL.

Although we can’t control what happens once an asset has been downloaded from the system, it is easy revoke existing access and to update or remove assets from a gallery once released. While using CleanPix, the security and agility of asset sharing is our number one priority.

If you’d like to take CleanPix for a test drive, take advantage of a free 14-day trial account with no credit card required!

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