Creating an online brand that stands out


Every update that you post to your social media channels becomes a part of your brand, whether intended or not. There is no difference between creating a personal brand and a corporate brand. Whether posting for your personal brand or on behalf of a corporation, both should feel very genuine, organic and human. In fact, think of all digital media accounts as “personal” accounts. If you’re able to do this well, the public will respond.

When building a brand via digital media, there are a few very important considerations that should be made in order to ensure you stand apart from the flock.

Audit yourself
If you’re working with a pre-existing digital brand, take a close look at your social media history and remove any content that may conflict with the brand you’re creating. Consistency is king, and you don’t want anything compromising the hours of work you’ll be putting in to craft a personal or corporate persona.

Use only the social channels your demographic actively uses
There really is no use in trying to grow your brand on a social channel with limited ROI. Be a master of few rather than a user of all. For example, a B2B organization would likely have very limited reach on a network like Facebook, but could see considerably more success on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Uniqueness is your greatest strength
We live in an age where the internet is so over saturated with content, making it harder than ever to stand out. While it can me simple to mimic what the best are doing, this isn’t going to yield great results. Follow what the best are doing, but tailor it to yourself and highlight what makes you unique.

Be relatable
There is a fine line between being human and personal, while remaining professional. It’s important to get as close as you can to this line without crossing over. Use casual and conversation language that is in-line with the distinct persona of your brand.

Offer takeaways

Nobody likes being “sold” to, so you’re going to have to get crafty with getting your message across without alienating your audience. Offer takeaways such as no-strings-attached thought leadership content, free resources or product demos.

By offering takeaways for your following, you’ll make them feel that there is value in your content.

Keep content fresh and timely
To ensure success, you’ve got to post regularly… but you’ve also got to ensure it’s great content. Posting anything but can shrink the size and engagement of your audience.

If you’ve taken a close look at each of these areas, you’ve no doubt spent countless hours building a following and online brand. Once your brand is firmly in place, grow and protect it by utilizing Digital Asset Management software. Efficiently managing the life cycle of your key brand assets is the key to deal with today’s explosion of rich media content.

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