Rapid, agile control over your brand assets

As a communicator, you know what it’s like to jump through hoops – multiple projects going at a time, an overflowing email inbox, fulfilling requests to access your brand files. When a stakeholder wants a brand asset for an ongoing campaign, you want to be able to get it going right away. However, within your “pile of stuff”, you may be required to jump through hoops to find the right file in the right format, including being granted access to the file location, navigating multiple folders or drives, and then finally, finding it. CleanPix removes all of those hoops – you can easily respond to a request and get back to your ever-expanding to-do list.

With your login credentials, you can access your CleanPix anywhere worldwide – from your office computer, home laptop, or on your tablet. There is no software installation required and you can get started in minutes. With a cloud-based digital asset management solution, you will not need to keep track of multiple CDs, USBs, or network drives. One central hub for all your files for you and for your networks, partners, and staff.

However, since you are managing your brand assets within one central hub, you want to ensure that the files are secure and backed up. CleanPix is protected by high-grade 2048-bit SSL encryption signed with SHA-2 over https and your passwords are never stored in plaintext. Also, files are backed up to two geographically distinct locations across the world, including a real-time backup to an onsite facility.

It is tough to get accustomed to any system and then realize that it is not scalable with your organization, finding yourself in a bottleneck. Worst of all, running out storage for your brand files. With 3TB of storage available, you can store your entire library of live assets with CleanPix, including pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs. You can have your whole brand library on CleanPix, properly tagged with your custom metadata, and easily searchable and deliverable by you and your team to your stakeholders. This streamlines your tasks to control and deliver assets as well as your stakeholders’ workflow.

Setting up CleanPix takes minutes, not weeks. Try it today.

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