Make tiered administration work for your team

tieredAdminGraphic-rndMany players make up a marketing team, ranging from the brand manager to the graphic designer and finally, to the advertising coordinator. This team needs access to a variety of assets throughout a campaign and doing so takes considerable amounts of effort and communication to coordinate. CleanPix enables you to take control of your brand assets in an easy and intuitive manner. Matthew Gonnering states in “Whose Fingers Are In Your DAM“, “internal and external roles and a corresponding “permissions” structure can become extremely complicated if not handled correctly.”

This article is an excellent read in implementing a tiered administration system — and CleanPix effectively handles all aspects that Gonnering discusses in his article without the process getting too complicated. Tiered accounts allow you to assign roles to different departments with their own login information and provides them with independent control over different sets of files. Each department or partner can distribute assets across their own network. You can add and manage your tiered accounts by mousing over the gear button on the upper right side of the screen and selecting tiered accounts (as shown below)


Fill out the required fields as necessary and select continue. On the next screen (see below), you can specify permissions for this tiered account. It specifies what level of access (for example, a marketing associate may be able to upload assets, but not modify asset metadata) for a specific user.


With the Enterprise package, you can access the tiered administration feature within CleanPix. Using it enables you to take control of your brand assets and empower your team across their workflows smoothly and efficiently. You can easily maintain the accounts and edit the permissions accordingly. This ensures success of your digital asset management (DAM) system in a way that works for all of your stakeholders, from an internal cross functional team to a complex team of both internal and external stakeholders. CleanPix makes this process simple by giving you more control over your brand assets.

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