Vector graphic support

Marketing and communications professionals value putting your best brand image forward. Have you ever had someone from the grapics department ask for an “.eps” or “vector-based version” of your logo? Most of us have dealt with this question this in our professional lives but would a “high-res” .jpeg be good enough?

jpeg vs eps

Sometimes a high-res .jpeg works, but not every time. A graphic designer can only reliably scale your image to a smaller size when it is in .jpeg format due to the underlying structure of each image file. Scaling your image to a larger size from a .jpeg source file results in fuzzy or blurred lines and reduces the professional quality and impact of your most important brand files.

Vector graphics are based on the use of mathematical formulas that dictate how the picture is drawn: from the fill, to the curves of the shapes. A vector-based .eps file provides a perfect representation of the shapes that make up your logo file. Regardless of the size, a graphic designer can scale up or scale down your logo with no loss of visual fidelity.

However, high resolution .jpeg files are the best choice for delivering your photographs. When it comes to your logo, you want to be able to provide your team with the format that keeps your brand sharp at all times.

Knowing the difference between .jpeg and .eps at all times can be challenging in your day-to-day activities. After all, your network of graphic designers, promoters and journalist will know what format suits their publication needs best. With CleanPix, simply upload the .eps version of your logo once and CleanPix automatically converts the logo into different formats for you. So the next time someone asks you for the vector based version of your logo, or even a transparent .png version, all you need to do is use CleanPix to send the logo. CleanPix handles the rest.

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