MediaSheets: PDF press-kit

A MediaSheet is a printable PDF document like a traditional photo contact sheet with thumbnail previews and the information necessary for end-users to access files online via CleanPix.

These can work as great alternatives to bundled flash drives or other bulk storage devices when you are handing out press kits to your distributors. This is what the MediaSheet feature is for.

How do you do make a MediaSheet in CleanPix?

1) Create a new gallery and ensure it has the following settings:

  • Set type to “Permanent”,
  • Set permissions to “Open”
  • With an access code that is easy to remember to secure access
  • Check off “With media sheet”

See the below example.


You can then specify which assets you want displayed in this gallery from your current inventory.

2) After this, you can access your MediaSheet in two ways:

  • Click on “Get public link” which triggers the following pop-up window


  • Or you can select “get media sheet” to receive the above information in an email.

3) When you send this information to your contacts, going to the public URL shows a screen that looks like this:


Input the access code to see a screen that looks like this:


With CleanPix, you can now easily share your brand assets across your network without worrying about signing up for new services, having the right version, or being constantly available to approve requests.

You can be sure you get the right file, in the right format, right now.

If you’re having trouble with this feature, contact us at [email protected] and we will walk you through it!


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