Getting all your files stored and catalogued in one location is one thing, but getting them into action is really what it is all about. Ahead of the pack, CleanPix shines at servicing the needs of PR/marketing professionals by providing a comprehensive all-in-one tool tailor-made to deal with all aspects of brand file management, from storage to transfer. Foremost this is all about….


The main point: with CleanPix you are in control like never before, and have direct online access 24/7 to your brand material for immediate release – thousands of files, if you wish to. Best of all, anyone with basic computer skills can drive CleanPix within 1 hour and tasks can be shared among staff in-house or across the world. CleanPix is a proven service to take the load off your shoulders and enhance your connectivity with your peers and retailers as well as with the media. How? CleanPix provides you effortless means to respond online to requests for files and photos, track results, generate eNews campaigns with full-sized press-ready pictures, publish your media press-releases on in minutes to a pool of journalists, manage your online photo library and update it instantly by yourself, and link your photo story to any website you choose. Link and disseminate your news via social networks and enhance your connectivity with the world the easy way.

CleanPix brings you connectivity in an all-in-one service:

• Manage your photo collection & all your PR/marketing files
• Catalogue all your media files with ITCP journalist standards
• Store online thousands of photos and files
• Drive & update instantly your website photo-library by yourself
• Respond online to photo/file requests, worldwide
• Share tasks with your staff in-house & across the world
• Generate and send eNewsletters with press-ready pictures
• Publish your news-releases to journalists on
• Disseminate your picture story via social networks
• Spread your news with popular social bookmarks
• Keep your audience up-to-date with live syndication feeds
• Get world visibility and unprecedented media attention
• Track your marketing success

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